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Neem oil is the most useful concentrated by product from Neem tree. Neem oil is extracted from Neem kernel. Neem oil cold-pressed contains Azadirachtin concentration around 2000 PPM to 2800 PPM. Neem oil cold-pressed when extracted under certain regulated parameters is stable and does not lose its properties during storage.

Neem oil has wide application such as natural bio-pesticide and also for body application on animals. In addition Neem oil could be used for therapeutic use in the field of human health care. Neem oil is one of the major ingredients in the field of Ayurveda (details of Neem application on Ayurvedic can be given on specific request)

Impurities % by Mass 0.3% - 0.5%
Refractive Index 40 Deg C 1.4615 - 1.4705
Saponification Value 180-305
Acid Value 15-20
Iodine Value 65-80
Specific Gravity 0.9087 - 0.9189


Neem extract powder (Azadirachtin Technical )
Neem Oil (Cold pressed and double filtered)
Neem Oil - Animal application
Neem EC - Bio-Pesticides
Neem Kernel Cake (Cold pressed)
Neem Cake (De-oiled)
Karanjia Oil (Pongamia)
Karanjia Cake (Pongamia)
Nematode Controller - Neem Based
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