NEEM TREE - THE LIVING LEGEND ! Neem is a popular Indian tree, which has gained great importance in the past couple of decades in the field of agricultureRead More....

The Neem Tree
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Common Names of NEEM
Neem Against Pests & Insects
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Neem Against Nemetodes


Mode of Action
Method of Application & Compatibility
Neem cake is an organic product, retained after extraction of Neem Oil from the fully grown, dried Neem Seed. The Neem cake (de oiled) have rich N,P,K content in it and used as a natural organic fertilizer.
Mode of Action
Neem cake is active in increasing the growth, leafage, results in rich blossoming, strengthening the roots and improves the general appearance of fruits and vegetables.
While applied in conjunction with any Nitrogenous fertilizers, slows the conversion of Nitrogenous compounds into Nitrogen gas thus making Nitrogen available to the plants for a much longer duration.
It prevents and treats ailment disorders of plants due to lack or imbalance of Nutritious and trace elements.
It accelerates root development and overall plant growth and protects the plants from Nematodes and white ants.
It is a totally organic plant food, which increases productivity and soil fertility.
It has antifungal properties and highly suitable for application Green houses
Method of Application
Neem Cake mixed with soil on and around the roots of plants, vegetables, bushes and trees, will have a remarkable result in the improvement of the plant immunity.
Neem Cake can be mixed with any other organic products, including bio fertilizers

Neem cake is recommended for all crops like vegetables, Fruit crops, Tubers, other broad acre crops such as Sugarcane, Cotton, Rice, Banana and Plantation crops like Cardamom, Coffee, Tea, etc.


Neem extract powder (Azadirachtin Technical )
Neem Oil (Cold pressed and double filtered)
Neem Oil - Animal application
Neem EC - Bio-Pesticides
Neem Kernel Cake (Cold pressed)
Neem Cake (De-oiled)
Karanjia Oil (Pongamia)
Karanjia Cake (Pongamia)
Nematode Controller - Neem Based
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