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The Neem Tree
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Neem Oil EC is a water soluble biological insecticides containing extracts of the Neem Kernel which are called "Limonoids". It contains "Azadirachtin" the principle active ingredient amongst the limonids which has the capacity to repel and act as antifeedent to insects.

Neem Oil EC is formulated by using high purity Azadiractin(Technical) otherwise known as Neem Extract Powder. Azadirachtin(Tech) is directly extracted from the Neem kernel using eco-friendly solvents and proven methods. This extract contains (low oil, ester and water, resulting in stable product with longer shell life. The extract also contains other bioactive liminoids like Nimbin & Salanin which forms superior grade of Technical material.

Nikita Agro Industries manufactures the most stable and UV protected Neem oil EC formulations which gives long lasting effect when used on agricultural crops. The formulations contains proprietary mix of vegetable oils which protects the Azadirachtin from decomposition when exposed to sunlight. Further, Nikita Agro Industries can also offer total organic Neem Oil EC of different concentrations well accepted in many countries in the world.
Crop Protection
Neem Oil EC is produced by dissolving the Azadirachtin(Tech) of required purity with treated Neem oil and mixing the same with food grade Emulsifier to form the Emulisified concentrate. The product produced in this manner is soluble in water, has long shelf life, and also help in absorption into the leaf tissues.
Neem Oil EC (300ppm to 10000ppm)
Neem - Azadirachtin - 300 ppm
Neem - Azadirachtin - 1500 ppm
Neem - Azadirachtin - 3000 ppm
Neem - Azadirachtin - 5000 ppm
Neem - Azadirachtin - 10000 ppm
Neem - Azadirachtin - 30000 ppm
Neem - Azadirachtin - 50000 ppm

Neem Oil EC is available in different the concentration of Azadirachtin as above. It is commonly believed that Neem Oil EC of 1500ppm 3000ppm & 10000ppm are the best suited as bio pesticides, sufficient enough to give good results, if applied as a foliar spray. Neem oil EC 10000ppm is more effective, in terms of storage stability and better efficacy.
Mode of Action
Disrupts mating and sexual communication in insects (Reproduction suppressor)
Deters females from laying eggs and poisons the eggs (Ovicidal activity)
Sterilizes adults
Disrupts/prevents moulting thus reduces the fitness of the adult
Neem with its bitter and strong odour, repel the insects away from plant.
Strong antifeedent, resulting in insect starving to death
Effective against Plant Parasitic Nematodes.
Crop Segments
Neem Oil EC can be used on Vegetables, Rice, Fruits, Cereals, Plantation Crops, Home gardens, oil palms, date palms, coconut etc.
Target Pests
The most efficient use of Neem extracts for pest control has been found to be against chewing and sucking insects, principally lepidopterous caterpillars and beetle larvae. The active ingredient accumulates in the growing tips of the treated plants, usually reaching functional levels within 24 hours of the leaves being sprayed. No other insecticidal products have the rapidity of systemic activity of Azadirachtin.

Plant hoppers, leaf hoppers, stem borer, Pod/Fruit borer, caterpillars, moths, Thrips, beetles, plant bugs, Gall widgets, Flies, Grass hoppers Locusts, Aphids, Psyllhids, red weevil, mites and scale insects.
Varies depending upon The Neem Oil EC concentration used
Apply as soon as the pest attack is noticed.
Application during early pest stage with give better control
Cover foliage totally
Spray during morning or evening hours only.
Compatibility with chemical pesticides/fungicides
Benefits for use of Neem Oil EC
Plant based, broad spectrum insecticides with different mode of action
Prevents insect from sucking or eating Plants parts
Safe to handle, environmental friendly
Easily bio degrable, and does not leave any residue
Improves quality & quantity of yield
Ideal Organic product


Neem extract powder (Azadirachtin Technical )
Neem Oil (Cold pressed and double filtered)
Neem Oil - Animal application
Neem EC - Bio-Pesticides
Neem Kernel Cake (Cold pressed)
Neem Cake (De-oiled)
Karanjia Oil (Pongamia)
Karanjia Cake (Pongamia)
Nematode Controller - Neem Based
We have a sound infrastructure, which consists of a comprehensive R & D department, a well-equipped manufacturing unit and experience and specialized workers. The R & D department hosts a group of experts constantly carrying out experiments and researches to improve the quality of the products and pay attention to each dynamics.
We have claimed our position in market, based on the quality of our products. Our products are checked at different levels for quality. Our experts are responsible to ensure that our Neem derivatives conform to the highest international standards we follow at our manufacturing unit.