NEEM TREE - THE LIVING LEGEND ! Neem is a popular Indian tree, which has gained great importance in the past couple of decades in the field of agricultureRead More....

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Nikita Agro Industries is engaged in the manufacture and export of Neem based products. The products are totally organic and the company is committed to offer very good quality products with timely supplies. The company having specialized in Neem products takes special care in choosing, processing quality Neem seeds thereby ensuring good quality Neem derivative prepared from the raw materials. The company has in depth knowledge in the field of organic farming and more particularly in the field of Neem and takes special care to preserve the natural inherent strength of the product. The company is assisted by a team of professionals and scientists in ensuring available of quality product at a very competitive price at all times.
Nikita Agro Industries have carved a niche for themselves in the field of export of their products. Presently the company exports its products to countries like Germany, Spain, France, Japan, New Zealand etc. Efforts are being made to promote the products in Gulf, Australia and other Southern American countries. As an established export house the company has a strong clientele base. We owe our success to our good quality of our products, timely supplies and strong after sale back up in educating the importers of using the product in the right manner. We also offer consultancy services in the field of agricultural formulations with specific references to use our Neem products and organic bio-fertilizer etc.


Neem extract powder (Azadirachtin Technical )
Neem Oil (Cold pressed and double filtered)
Neem Oil - Animal application
Neem EC - Bio-Pesticides
Neem Kernel Cake (Cold pressed)
Neem Cake (De-oiled)
Karanjia Oil (Pongamia)
Karanjia Cake (Pongamia)
Nematode Controller - Neem Based
We have a sound infrastructure, which consists of a comprehensive R & D department, a well-equipped manufacturing unit and experience and specialized workers. The R & D department hosts a group of experts constantly carrying out experiments and researches to improve the quality of the products and pay attention to each dynamics.
We have claimed our position in market, based on the quality of our products. Our products are checked at different levels for quality. Our experts are responsible to ensure that our Neem derivatives conform to the highest international standards we follow at our manufacturing unit.